Over 7,000?!

Arc film has hit over 7,000 views! We couldn’t have done it without you. We have some big stuff planned as well as a new web series we will be revealing soon. Stay tuned!  

Film Terminology – C47

Have you ever been asked to grab a C-47 on set only to search frantically not knowing what one is? Find out in this film terminology video.      Text Summery Today we’re going to be talking about the C-47’s and what that actually means when you’re on a film set. You might hear the term […]

Contract Redemption in Pre-Production!

  CONTRACT: Redemption is a fan film inspired by the Hitman video games. *This is a parody offering social commentary on violence in media=fair use Subscribe to our youtube channel to get updates on Agent 47, his newest targets, and find out what happens to Diana Burnwood and the girl, Victoria. We’ll be releasing News, […]

Introducing Ryan Galbraith

Ryan started making films as a kid running around with his parents home camcorder. It wasn’t until he went to college that he realized filmmaking was what he truly loved. Since then he has become an award winning filmmaker. In this video learn more about Ryan and his journey to video production. More about the […]

Introducing Jacob Keeton

Jacob started from humble beginnings sketching characters but having a love for art that extended to music and video. As he got older he started piecing the puzzle pieces together and realized his true love was for something more collaborative.  In this video learn more about Jacob’s journey to filmmaking and video production. More about the […]