Contract Redemption


While fighting to rescue a teenage girl, the world’s deadliest Hitman is confronted with a new rival; a younger, genetically engineered clone of himself.

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Wildfire Media Studios LTD and ARC Film Initiative LLC are proud to announce the upcoming production of their next film project – Contract: Redemption. Contract: Redemption is a fan film that tells a story inspired by the video game series HITMAN. It is written in such a way that even those unfamiliar with any of the games can follow the story. Contract: Redemption is a 20-minute short full of action-packed fights, stunts, and Parkour, all centering around a gripping and emotional story. Contract: Redemption is written in such a way that it serves as a Parody, Social Commentary, and Religious work. It therefore falls into the realm of “Fair Use.”

Pre-Production of the film is currently in process. Production is slated to commence in April of 2014 and will be filmed across Northeast Ohio.


When a hit-man is outmaneuvered by his younger clone, Mark 2, he finds himself unable to protect the only two people he has ever cared for. The agency, deeming the hit-man as a threat, sends a never-ending barrage of assassins led by his younger more agile self to eliminate him. Faced with this threat, the hit-man must undertake the most serious mission of his career: to rescue a young girl from the Agency and from a life as a hit-man.

The young, teenage girl is a victim of the agency’s genetic experimentation program designed to create perfect assassins. Now back in agency hands thanks to, Mark 2, the innocent young girl is forced into a brutal assassin indoctrination program. If the hit-man cannot find her in time, she risks being primed to become the agency’s new premiere contract killer.

Though the hit-man has lost hope for his own redemption, he has found a sense of purpose in the rescue of the young girl. Along his journey he realizes Mark 2 is also a victim of the agency’s sins. He knows that he must save the girl from the life of a hit-man and to find redemption for himself, he must save Mark 2’s soul.

*This is a work of Parody (non-humorous) that also offers social comment on violence in video games and media and is told with a religious worldview. Works of Parody, Social Commentary, and Religious viewpoint are all considered Fair Use. This film does not infringe on any copyright or trademark laws.

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Played by Michael Chastain



Mike Chastain has had a lifelong passion for acting. He holds an impressive resume having been a lead supporting actor as well as a movie extra in various movies such as Draft Day, CPT America Winter Soldier, and the Avengers. Prior to his acting career Mike spent 22 years in the Army as a Cavalry Scout, M1 Armor Crewmember, and as a Combat Engineer Officer. After Mike’s retirement and subsequent honorable discharge from the Army, he once again recommitted to his passion for acting. Mike’s several years of Martial Artstraining combined with Weapons and Army Combatives training paired with his acting talent give him unique experience and qualifications for the role of Agent 47.


Played by Dylan McCaughin



Dylan McCaughin comes from a unique background. He started training in martial arts at age 12 and has claimed the title of State Champion multiple years over and became National Champion in sparring, self-defense, and kata in 2006. Looking to expand his abilities Dylan was inspired by Russian Free Runner, Oleg Vorslav and began studying Parkour and Free Running. He went on to start a Parkour and martial arts themed YouTube channel in 2012, which has since gotten a quarter of a million views. Currently Dylan is expanding his abilities to acting. With a lead role in one award-winning film already, Dylan is making good strides toward fulfilling his goal of being the next Jason Statham. Dylan’s extensive martial art and Parkour background give him the unique ability to play the role of a young, highly agile and dangerous Agent 47.


Played by AJ Nold



AJ Nold is an accomplished actress in the local independent film scene. Beyond having the right look for Victoria’s character, AJ’s extensive background in martial arts training makes her a perfect choice for the role. AJ has proved her ability to capture the complex inner turmoil of Victoria’s character. Being able to bring to life the anguish of first being forced into the life of an assassin, then having her genetic makeup compromised, all on top of the normal trials of being a teenage girl will make Victoria’s characterone of the most-loved in Hitman: Redemption.

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Jeremy Davis



Jeremy Davis brings over a decade of film and television production experience to the table. As a key crew member of two Emmy award winning shows and a third Emmy nominee, Jeremy shows that he is a talented media professional. Jeremy’s experience has developed into an impressive portfolio ranging from live news, game shows, cooking programs, sports, documentaries, to short and feature films with such clients as 20th Century Fox’s “Unstoppable,” the Cleveland Indians – MLB, Cleveland Cavaliers – NBA, Fox Sports Net, D24Sports (trainers of pro athletes), ABC, PBS, NPR, Nationwide Insurance, the Cleveland Clinic, Case Western University, Kent State University and many more. Through his work producing, writing, directing, editing, and cinematography, Jeremy has garnered multiple awards in multiple film festivals and contests. With a keen eye and an artistic view, he brings stories to life with stunning imagery.

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