Contract Redemption Full Cast


Played by Michael Chastain




Mike Chastain has had a lifelong passion for acting. He holds an impressive resume having been a lead supporting actor as well as a movie extra in various movies such as Draft Day, CPT America Winter Soldier, and the Avengers. Prior to his acting career Mike spent 22 years in the Army as a Cavalry Scout, M1 Armor Crewmember, and as a Combat Engineer Officer. After Mike’s retirement and subsequent honorable discharge from the Army, he once again recommitted to his passion for acting. Mike’s several years of Martial Artstraining combined with Weapons and Army Combatives training paired with his acting talent give him unique experience and qualifications for the role of Agent 47.


Played by Dylan McCaughin




Dylan McCaughin comes from a unique background. He started training in martial arts at age 12 and has claimed the title of State Champion multiple years over and became National Champion in sparring, self-defense, and kata in 2006. Looking to expand his abilities Dylan was inspired by Russian Free Runner, Oleg Vorslav and began studying Parkour and Free Running. He went on to start a Parkour and martial arts themed YouTube channel in 2012, which has since gotten a quarter of a million views. Currently Dylan is expanding his abilities to acting. With a lead role in one award-winning film already, Dylan is making good strides toward fulfilling his goal of being the next Jason Statham. Dylan’s extensive martial art and Parkour background give him the unique ability to play the role of a young, highly agile and dangerous Agent 47.


Played by AJ Nold




AJ Nold is an accomplished actress in the local independent film scene. Beyond having the right look for Victoria’s character, AJ’s extensive background in martial arts training makes her a perfect choice for the role. AJ has proved her ability to capture the complex inner turmoil of Victoria’s character. Being able to bring to life the anguish of first being forced into the life of anassassin, then having her genetic makeup compromised, all on top of the normal trials of being a teenage girl will make Victoria’s characterone of the most-loved in Hitman: Redemption.


Played by Daniela Simms




Daniela Simms is an Italian born actress, living for the past 20 years in Ohio, after having spent her childhood and teen years living in Italy and Philadelphia. She has dedicated herself to the acting profession and has appeared in many local independent films and commercials. Her acting skills has garnered her an award nomination as well as the respect of her fellow film professionals. Daniela embodies both the look and presence of Diana Burnwood from the games. Due to her rich cultural background and an affinity toward learning languages Daniela further brings to life the character of Diana Burnwood in her performance of Diana’s accent and speaking patterns. Daniela is looking forward to using all of these characteristics to effectively translate the character of Diana from the game onto the big screen.


Played by Denny Castiglione




As the Northeast Ohio film industry builds critical momentum and notoriety, Denny Castiglione has emerged from background artist in various independent and feature films shot in Northeast Ohio (most recently Draft Day and Miss Meadows) into a variety of supporting and feature roles including Double Stroke of Genius’ The Big Day (Frank Gallardo), Detective Frank Delgado in MAD Vista Productions’ Cleanland, ForteKnox Productions’ Moonshine Kingdom (Mr. Ziggatoni), and Ghost Walk Productions’ The Haunting of Dawson Falls (Andy Rhodes). A devoted ‘home town boy’, Castiglione is heavily invested in shining a favorable light on the film industry in Ohio and contributing to both its quality and growth going forward. Proud of his Italian-American heritage, Castiglione looks forward to the portrayal of Sicilian priest ‘Padre’ Emilio Vittorio in Hitman: Redemption. Says Castiglione of the role, “This is a great opportunity to blend my heritage and Italian language skills with my catholic faith in a film role. It’s a custom fit!”


Played by Sumerlyn Haynes




Sumerlyn Haynes began her acting career at an early age, participating in local productions and school plays. She eventually went on to study acting at Cuyahoga Community College where she learned the art of theater. She has recently studied under local director/producer JW Myers, LA casting director Toby Guidry, and private acting coach Aaron Speiser. She has played lead roles in several films including Young Harvest, The Butchers, The Audition, and Sam vs. Many. She has also done background work for feature film productions such as The Avengers, Foxcatcher, and The Wind is Watching. Aside from acting, Sumerlyn developed a love for the art of dance. She studied classical ballet for 4 years at the Music Settlement in Cleveland, Ohio and she acquired the title of lead choreographer for the Los Discos modern dance troop at Ohio University. Sumerlyn’s acting and dance training has well prepared her for the role of Elegy in the film production, HITMAN: Redemption.


Played by Shelia Weiss




Shelia Weiss launched her acting career in 2007.  The source of her inspiration came at the end of one of the famous Harry Potter movies.  In awe at the very thought of participating in something that brings such magical things to life, she dove in, searching for anything that she could start acting in locally.  What she discovered was a whole other world, right there in her very back yard.  She’s worked on a wide array of projects from “guerrilla” shoestring shoots, to films with a healthy budget, acting alongside famous actor Michael Madsen.  In 2012 she was nominated for Best Ohio Supporting Actress at the Indie Gathering, “…an honor I never expected, but will always greatly appreciate.” Often compared, by both friends and strangers, to Seven of Nine, a well-known character in the Star Trek series, she found even more motivation to seek out the coveted roles in the cold-hearted yet powerful persuasion.  So when the opportunity came along to represent HITMAN: Redemption’s Izabelle Vagan, it was a truly empowering kind of role she’s always admired and dreamt of acquiring.  “I only hope to do it justice as it’s not every day one comes across an opportunity to embody a female mastermind villain.”